Jim Bozek Technical Resume (meat.bone@verizon.net or jjb@skylo.com)

Summary I have extensive professional experience and a broad range of technical capabilities related to software engineering. I am a seasoned, creative problem-solver with strong interpersonal and organizational skills, a disciplined engineer, and a technical leader who is deliberate, self-motivated and goal-oriented.
Interests Audio/Video Post Production, Audio Production, Digital Audio, Audio Forensics, Animation, Graphics, Imaging, Scientific Visualization, Digital Rights Management, Content Management, Interactive Multimedia, Streaming Media, IPTV, Web Page and Web Services Design/Development, x86 Platform Virtualization, Hosted Client Solutions
Experience IBM, Kirkland Programming Center, Kirkland, WA (November 1999 - Present)
Senior Software Engineer / Software Architect
  • Designed software architecture for Out of Band (OOB) management of the first IBM NUMA hardware platform. The architecture specified interaction among platform firmware, service processor firmware, and an existing IBM system management infrastructure (IBM Director). The architecture called for integration of a number of protocols, APIs, and data formats in order to enumerate processor, memory, and IO resources, enable definition of physical partitions by the end user, and control power states prior to execution of an operating system on each defined partition
  • Designed software and hardware architecture for OOB analysis and discovery of the processor, memory, and IO resource topology of a multi-node NUMA platform prior to operating system installation and execution. Led a team of software engineers in development, testing, and release of the Scalable System Manager (SSM), a product based upon the specified architecture
  • Designed software architecture for single glass management of multiple x86 hypervisor and virtual machine products. The architecture specified the interaction between IBM Director and Microsoft Virtual Server or VMware ESX, and enabled correlation of physical and virtual resources to allow for migration of encapsulated virtual machines based upon hardware failure prediction. Led a team of software engineers in development, testing, and release of the Virtual Machine Manager (VMM), a product based upon the specified architecture
  • Designed and specified a follow-on product for VMM. The new product enabled scheduled migration of virtual machines and VM migration based upon resource utilization within a virtual farm. Led a team of software engineers in development, testing, and release of the VMM 2.0 product
  • Parrticipated in design of a Common Information Model (CIM) for management of hypervisor, virtual machine, and virtual network resources; contributed to preparation of a proposal of the model to the DMTF
  • Submitted IP disclosures that resulted in filing of 8 patents related to x86 virtualization products
  • Fully specified and drove software requirements for a new product within the IBM BladeCenter product line and the System X brand. The product is the foundation of a physical hosted client solution that comprises client blade hardware and firmware; hardware assisted remote desktop interface; platform management software; remote desktop appliance (thin client); and, a hosted client management infrastructure. As lead software architect, responsibilities included interaction with multiple IBM teams and multiple IBM partners.
  • As Lead Engineer, documented and co-developed software and hardware architecture for an IBM Cloud Computing product. Project required engagement with multiple development teams, Marketing, Verification, Project Management, and Management personnel
  Sequent Computer Systems, Inc., Bellevue, WA (1996 – 1999)
Staff Software Engineer
  • Investigated and documented SW components and evaluated alternative approaches to the boot process in order to load and execute Windows NT on a Sequent HW platform based upon CC-NUMA
  • Designed and prototyped modifications to the NTOS loader to support the memory map required by Windows NT on the Sequent CC-NUMA HW. Specified changes and extensions to BIOS (INT 15h E820h and INT 1Ah B101h) to provide the required interface for the NTOS loader and the HW detection component within a CC-NUMA platform
  • Designed and prototyped modifications to the platform specific HAL enabling merger of multiple discreet quad relative MPS configuration table information into a single system global MPS configuration table for support of multi-node memory and IO
  • Designed and implemented modifications to the kernel mode video GDI driver to utilize memory mapped port IO in lieu of Intel IO instructions
  • Researched and developed a design to support multipath IO within Windows NT focusing on reliability and NUMA scalability; the design specified modifications and enhancements to Windows NT File Systems, Cache Manager, Memory Manager, Scheduler, SCSI driver stack, and system locks
  Manager, NT QA and Performance
  • Performed personnel management and technical leadership for a team of Sequent employees and contractors
  • Developed and specified an NT product development QA methodology internal to Sequent; the process governed SW design and development procedures, tools, and resources, build procedures, testing, release and technology transfer procedures, specification of entrance and exit criteria for each component, source code control, problem tracking, equipment requirements, and the integration of these components and activities
  • Designed, developed, and executed the Functional and System Test Plans for a midrange Sequent CC-NUMA product; plan included staffing estimates, equipment, scheduling, and development of testing infrastructure; test cycle included functional test, configuration, regression, and stress testing
  • Performed ISO 9000 audits of software development teams as an internal auditor
  IBM Center for Microsoft Technologies, Kirkland, WA (1994 – 1996)
Advisory Programmer
  • Ported, documented, and maintained the MS Windows NT portable (ARC) bootloader for the IBM Personal Power Systems based upon the PowerPC 601, 603, and 604; the project required knowledge of a wide range of technical components that included firmware, special purpose device drivers, and OS data structures
  • Ported, developed, released, and maintained a Windows NT audio driver on the PowerPC for the Crystal 4231/4232 Audio CODEC - the driver was originally written by the HW vendor (Crystal Semiconductor) for an Intel based Windows platform (both kernel/user mode drivers and Win32 audio control applications)
  • Designed, implemented, unit tested, and supervised release of a (new) Windows NT device driver for the Crystal 4231/4232 Audio CODEC; driver supported both Intel and PowerPC platforms
  • Provided technical leadership for porting, development, and debugging of an MPEG CODEC, video disk device driver, and user application for Windows NT 4.0 on a PowerPC
  • Provided technical leadership for porting, development, and debugging of a software implementation of a General MIDI Wavetable Synthesizer for Windows NT 4.0
  Cray Research, Inc. Eagan , MN (March 1993 - March 1994)
Senior Software Analyst, Networking and Communications
  • Designed, developed, documented, and tested configuration and administration software for the Network Load Balancer (NLB) component of the Cray Network Queuing Environment (NQE)
  • Designed, documented, and developed a GUI for configuration and management of NQE
  Supercomputer Systems, Inc. Eau Claire , WI (April 1989 - March 1993)
Senior Engineer in Software Development
  • Developed a comprehensive plan to support dynamic graphics and scientific visualization on a supercomputer running UNIX; the plan incorporated distributed, high performance graphics and third party software
  • Designed, developed, documented, tested, and supported a real-time software system used to control and monitor the power and cooling subsystems of the SS-1 supercomputer
  Computing Services Office, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL (1985 – 1989)
Programmer and Manager of Graphics
  • Developed scientific visualization and animation software at National Center for Supercomputer Applications
  Manager of Graphics
  • Designed, implemented, and managed an interdisciplinary graphics and digital audio lab
Languages & Software Digidesign Pro Tools, Steinberg Cubase and Nuendo, MakeMusic Finale, Adobe Audition, Sound Forge, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and Flash, Windows, UNIX, MS Word, Power Point, and Excel, C, C++, Java, HTML, SOAP, XML, Windows NT HAL, DDK, and Win32 SDK, PowerPC assembler, x86 assembler, x86 platform BIOS
Education Certificate in Audio Production, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, 2006
Master of Computer Science, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL, 1984
Graduate Study, Music Theory and Composition, Musicology, Audio Engineering, U of I, Urbana, IL, 1980-1981
Bachelor of Music, Music Theory and Composition, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, 1979
Publications Bozek, Jim, “Partitioning in the EXA Technology”, IBM Enterprise X-Architecture Technology, 2002
Bozek, J.J., "The Numerical Lab Environment: A General Method of Application Tracking and Steering Without Code Modification", Supercomputer Systems, Inc., May, 1991
S.W. Lee, R. Chou, H. Ling, L. Lin, J. Bozek, "RADAR Cross Section and Computation with BRL-CAD", BRL-CAD Symposium, June, 1988
Bozek, J.J., Kane, P., Warren, L.V., "Sound Into Graphics" (computer animated film), SIGGRAPH, July, 1984
Organizations Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Computer Society
National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS)